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  2. What are some things a person can say about themselves, talk about or do that makes you instantly assume them to be an untrustworthy, shady person?
  3. What's the most attractive quality someone can have, in your opinion? (could be a physical quality or a personality trait)
  4. All good in the hood! Half way through August already. 2022 is really flying by.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hey everyone, We have reached 3k posts and are happily moving on. I would like to congratulate everyone on our milestone and hope we can continue the progress. We are also looking for ways to improve the forum, so if you have any ideas or suggestions please Message me or @Altair and we will get the ball moving. Thanks for your participation. On towards 5k 🙂
  7. Like a baby, feeling well-rested today.
  8. Freedom for me personally means many things : freedom from my emotional mind, total emancipation from others, not being bossed around by anyone, me being "me, myself and I". Me being true to myself and being accepted for who I truly am with all my flaws and qualities as human being. But currently, although free my self-harming and suicidal thoughts and feelings, not completely free from my bad lifestyle habits so yeah. How about you? What does freedom mean to you in your book?
  9. Last week
  10. Not too great, sadly... it's been hot at night >_< .
  11. Completely dark. The temperature's 24°C.
  12. Not too shabby if I might say so myself, so feeling great about life today.
  13. Mine are : strawberries, cherries, Chinese peaches, mangoes, watermelons and oranges. I make into fresh fruit salads or yogurt parfait as a hearty snack for my afternoon tea time. And you personally? And how do you like them yourself?
  14. Like the dead, feeling energized today.
  15. Therapies have done a lot more for me personally than going to the ER or calling hotline or the cops when suicidal. In this post, let me teach you DBT, or how to overcome your negative thoughts and feelings with positive thinking or positive self-talk therapy. How to apply it daily, you might wonder? Here's how : 1. List on 1 column your current negative thoughts and feelings. 2. On column 2 : list off everything positive currently or in the immediate future in your life that contradicts them. On my worksheet, it looks like this : 1. I'm useless. 1. I'm not useless, I can do fashion design, I can make nice art and crafts, nice photographies. 2. I have no purpose in life. 2. My purpose in life is jut to enjoy life to the fullest, regardless of circumstances. 3. I have nothing to live for anymore. 3. I have my meals tomorrow to live for, I have my games to look forward to. Hope this helps you overcome your negative feelings, emotions and thoughts about your life currently too. Have you tried DBT personally too? Does it work for you personally too?
  16. Like a rock, feeling refreshed today.
  17. These are really important health factors to build up because as good as they are, the longer and healthier you will live. I have this current month, invested in a home stationary bike and a home treadmill which I do 45 minutes to 1 hours each morning and afternoon. If the weather permits, I go out joggles or fast waking or even running for my stamina and cardio with breathing exercises as my mindfulness exercises. It's the best physical exercises you could do to keep up in shape. If the weather isn't up for it, I run 1 hour to 2 on my home treadmill daily. After I do these, my mood feels instantly lifted up and I feel instantly clear-headed too because my body is busying itself with exercising and working out, so actually releasing dopamine which is good for uplifting the mood and depression. It's also good for the immune system. I urge you greatly to invest a little of your income into a home gym equipment that works out your cardio or builds up your stamina. I've lost 5-6 pounds in 10 days just by doing this and of course, taking less sugar and carbs. How about you? Do you build up your stamina and cardio personally?
  18. "Daddy's Killer Girlfriend", great thriller.
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