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  2. It is, it's just on a low burn. Trying to find more time.
  3. Awesome! Congratulations to the community 🙂
  4. Hey everyone! Long time no see! Is Social Hideouts still up and running?
  5. Which do you enjoy more: earning money or spending money?
  6. How do you feel about members with language barriers? Do you make any accommodations for them? Are they expected to speak english only on your forum? If your forum had multiple members who spoke another language, would you allow them to create threads and discuss things in their native language?
  7. Hey all, hope all is well!
  8. I used to play it badly... but these days, I don't play it at all 😛 .
  9. Completely dark. The temperature's 12°C.
  10. I love this movie from Disney. I have watched it countless times with my parents and family. I love how the Dalmatians and Cruella are portrayed in there. I love everything about it. And you personally? Do you love it too personally? What do you think of it according to you?
  11. Like a baby, feeling well-rested today.
  12. She is the voice actress of Neytiri, the main female character and princess in Avatar 1 and the love interest of Jake Sully, the main male character. I think personally that she has done an excellent job of it TBH. Why? Because it's not easy to learn an Alien language at all I think myself. What about you? What do you think of her as a person and a voice actress for you in your view?
  13. "Are My Friends Killers?", great thriller.
  14. Not too shabby if I might say so myself.
  15. Mine are : everything in : "Beauty and the Beast", the live-action musical played by Emma Watson, "Snow White", the cartoon, "Cinderella", the cartoon from the 90ties, Disney' "Enchanted" and finally "Frozen 1 and 2". How about you? What are you favourite Disney songs for life personally?
  16. Had a long day at work, then went to the dentist afterwards. Glad to be home. 🙂
  17. Apart from a Minnie or Mickey keychain gifted to me by my then baby cousin (she's all grown-up now, having a job and family of her own currently so yeah), when she's to Disney Land, in Florida! I haven't been to it myself and find it unnecessary and useless to have any fandom-related merchant. And you personally? Do you have any Disney products according to you?
  18. "Minions, The Rise of Gru", today.
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