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  1. Sleep has been a bit difficult this week due to the warmth, hopefully better in this coming week!
  2. The Smashing Pumpkins: One Diamond, One Heart.
  3. Congratulations!! Onwards and Upwards!
  4. Just being kind and not having arrogance. Arrogance is an awful trait, can't stand it.
  5. I've dated smokers and it's not a nice thing kissing! I really don't like second hand smoke but I would never say anything to somebody.
  6. Annoyingly warm!! Hoping for a cooler week next week.
  7. Yup! It has gone very quickly. I'm looking forward to Autumn though, sick of the warm weather.
  8. I had an XBox Series X but didn't really play it much so i ended up selling it.
  9. Yeah we eat out every now and then, we try not to overdo it though. It can definitely get expensive!
  10. Quite cold outside but still a bit humid!
  11. Hole: Violet. Awesome song!
  12. I actually have one of these haha. The controller is absolutely terrible on it!
  13. Yup, Football is easily the biggest sport in the UK and not the world actually. Bit odd it's not so popular in the US though. I have played for years and played for a couple of professional clubs as a teenager, just didn't make it in the end unfortunately. Still play regularly though I'm currently injured with a ruptured achillies.
  14. Gals Fighters for the Neo Geo Pocket Colour, absolutely love that game!
  15. Just stopping by to say hello! You all good?
  16. It's really cloudy but pretty warm, a bit too warm for my liking.
  17. For some reason I hold onto them, not sure why. Guess they come in handy in case my current one breaks.
  18. Spotify is pretty much perfect though I do still have all of my CD's in big box.
  19. Jurassic Park, always been one of my favourite films. Love it!
  20. I want your bank account haha!!
  21. Been a struggle sleeping over the last few nights as it's way too warm!
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