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  1. I only permit English, partly because it's the only language I can moderate, and partly because it's the only language where we have a large enough base of speakers. Although, we do have several members who speak other languages, so I'm always happy for them to teach the rest of us!
  2. Yep, even the ones that are broken 😛 .
  3. Cloudy. The temperature's 16°C.
  4. Cloudy. The temperature's 15°C.
  5. About to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  6. Not too badly... needed to catch up on sleep!
  7. I love it, although I try not to do it too often... keeps it as a treat!
  8. Yeah, she was my first real crush 😛 . Since then, I've grown out of celebrity crushes in general (mainly because I can't imagine myself ever being happily in a relationship with a celebrity), but I still think she did a great job as Hermione! Haven't really seen her in anything else, though.
  9. I used to play it badly... but these days, I don't play it at all 😛 .
  10. Completely dark. The temperature's 12°C.



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