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  1. I used to play it badly... but these days, I don't play it at all 😛 .
  2. Completely dark. The temperature's 12°C.
  3. Currently watching The Karate Kid.
  4. Cloudy. The temperature's 16°C.
  5. Not very well, sadly. Went to bed late, and took a long time getting to sleep.
  6. Cloudy. The temperature's 17°C.
  7. Cloudy. The temperature's 16°C.
  8. Better than the previous few nights... I think my bed is sorted, at long last!
  9. Just finished watching University Challenge.
  10. Completely dark. The temperature's 17°C.
  11. Not too badly... woke up a couple of times, though.
  12. Cloudy. The temperature's 17°C.
  13. I suspect so. I don't have any evidence either way - but, given the sheer magnitude of the universe, I think "we are alone" is a more extraordinary claim than "we aren't alone". (However, I don't believe they have visited us 😛 )
  14. Quite bright. The temperature's 22°C.
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