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  1. There are some of the Dr. Seuss Books that have been banned from school around the world. The ones are banned are And to Think I Saw It Mulberry Street, If A Ran A Zoo, McElligot's Pool, On Beyond Zebra!, Scrambled Eggs Super! and The Cat Quizzer.
  2. I was invited to watch in theatres with a couple of friends from my work but I don't like the set up the movie theatres because of the pandemic. If you want to get movie ticket to a movie you have to use the ticket machine and your bank card or debit card to purchase instead of going to up to where you buy your food to buy your ticket. I watched it the movie online at home on my own computer instead.
  3. I'm planning to see the movie but I am waiting until it comes out on DVD. I also preorder the book which was supposed to be in April 15th but since it's Easter Weekend it won't be in until April 20th.
  4. My username is my favorite song by BTS and it means small universe. My avatar is a picture of Min Yoongi aka Suga from BTS because he is my favorite member of BTS after struggle for almost 2 year and half years to pick a favorite member.
  5. I'm happily married to love of my life for 4 years in July of this year but I have been with him 13 years in September of this year and I won't change it for anything because has taught me that love is worth waiting for plus has also help me realize that it was time to start acting like grown-uo. I was very immature when I first met him almost 13 years ago but having him love me unconditionally has helped me grow-up.
  6. Evanna Lynch: Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter Natalia Tena: Nymphadora Tonks in Harry Potter Emma Watson: Hermoine Granger in Harry Potter Maggie Smith: Professor Minvera McGonagall in Harry Potter Julie Walters: Molly Weasley in Harry Potter, Rosie in Mammia Mia and Mammia Mia: Here We Go Again! Elisha Cuthbert: Abby in The Ranch and Megan in Are Afraid Of The Dark?
  7. My favorite song is Mikrokosmos by BTS. I really love all their songs mostly including their English songs Dynamite, Permission to Dance and Butter.
  8. Which haven't you heard of?
  9. I use them to go YouTube sometimes when I am work but I mostly using them for games and coloring. The one that I have for my coloring is Samsung Galaxy Tab A and I don't remember that what kind other one is. They have SIM slots but I don't use them.
  10. My ex-boyfriend who I was in the toxic relationship turned out to one of my best guy friends once he got over me breaking up with and we both realized we better off as friends.
  11. I mostly using Yahoo for everything but I also have Gmail for my Google Play account for my tablets.
  12. My favorite actors besides Liam Neeson are Pierce Brosnan, Bruce Willis, Jeff Bridges, Nicholas Cage, Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, Geoffrey Rush and Kris Kristofferson. My favorite actress are Evanna Lynch, Sandra Bullock, Elisha Cuthbert, Natalia Tena, Emma Watson, Maggie Smith and Julie Walters.
  13. I've got two tablets now with one being for games and the other one being for my coloring apps. The one that is for coloring apps used to belong to my husband but when he got a new one he gave it to me use for my colorings. I originally had everything on one tablet but it was taking up way too much space which is why I wanted another one.
  14. Oh okay, I'll keep my eyes out for it.
  15. I am married to love of my life now and we have been married 4 years in July but in September it will 13 years since we started going out. My husband is 13 years old than but like the old saying age doesn't matter what it comes to loving someone. There was one person at my church that had a problem with my husband being 13 years old than me but I told I love him with all my heart so nobody was going to stop me loving him than she stopped saying about it. I was in toxic relationship with a guy in the past because he won't let me do anything without him and he was always controlling what I was doing plus he got angry when I do something without him.
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