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  1. We make our own gluten-free pizza on occasion. I’ve never been a big meat eater but I love having veggies piled on. Spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, pineapple. & of course dipping in extra pizza sauce!
  2. My favorite is red raspberry leaf herbal tea. I don't like it hot ironically. A close second is rooibos that I have when I'm at my parents as my mom drinks that one. I've been drinking mine for almost 2 decades now. I can't do caffeine so don't do regular 'teas'. I have to be careful even with herbal ones as some contain caffeine. I become what I call a Hyper Grouch. Bouncing around while biting your head off lol I've tried other ones but I always go back to my red raspberry leaf. I just put stevia in mine.
  3. I love learning languages. I'm an introvert so I honestly do better with written words than oral. Learning languages as well as the various cultures has always been fascinating to me. I took Spanish in High School & could get by conversationally. I taught myself Sign Language years ago. I dabbled in Japanese, Mandarin, & Korean.
  4. I prefer online as I love to write & do better when I can write something than say it orally. However, like with most humans, do have a need to be social. Even if it's only a few minutes lol
  5. They need to make these more affordable. We have so many charging stations around here but you know what, I've seen maybe ONE car utilize them. People in our area live in the country, we're not rich so we can't afford cars like this. Plus, they need to make electric cars to be more sustainable. When the battery needs to be replaced, it is destined for the landfill. They don’t make EV Batteries to be recyclable yet. While it's touted as an eco alternative, it sure can use a lot of electricity to charge it. It's one of those things that sounds good on paper but I'm not convinced.
  6. I’ll answer with quotes: Happiness is not being pained in body or troubled in mind.- Thomas Jefferson Happiness is inward, not outward; & so it does not depend on what we have, but what we are.- Henry Van Dyke
  7. Not very often especially in the warmer months as I don't watch much TV anyways. But my husband & I do watch a lot more TV in the winter when we are cooped up inside & not much to do as far as household chores.
  8. I never watched Game of Thrones. Would this be a good stand-alone backstory? I was never interested in Game of Thrones, however this has a storyline that piques my interest. What do people think about it?
  9. This is a classic movie from 1961. The cartoon was very well done back then. Became 8th highest grossing film of the year as well! I never watched the newer versions or the sequels. What did you think about them?
  10. We used to have Netflix as our only one years ago but since our phone company got cable in our area, we now have the Bundle which includes Tubi, Peacock, etc. It’s actually nice having several to choose one. Of course, we know we’d get more variety if we paid for these services individually.
  11. Since it's getting into warmer weather, storms are more prevalent. Do you sleep okay with them? I sleep worse. Especially if we lose power. I have an AC unit I use for the white noise & have it on high. I'm such a light sleeper, that I wake up very often. It's quite annoying lol Plus we have furbabies, so I'm up to check on them to be sure they are doing okay. At least now we have a Generac so if we do lose power, I can still have my white noise.
  12. Do you have a routine you follow before you go to bed? Does it help you sleep? I get off the computer around 2 to 3 hours. I may watch some TV with my furbabies. In the winter I do jigsaw puzzles, in the summer I do my variety puzzle books. I try to avoid being overly stimulated so I can fall asleep easier.
  13. Are there competitive leagues or tournaments for the games you play? Who has been in one & what did you think of it? Did you do it for fun or actually get paid? I know of some people who get paid money for playing games. How much could you expect? Just a few bucks a month or a nice chunk of change? Are there particular games you prefer playing & others you would never again in a league?
  14. Who here Livestreams? What are the pros & cons? Do you tend to stay in the moment & find that time has slipped by? Are there certain groups you enjoy more than others? While I do play games every now & then, I cannot imagine livestreaming. What do you enjoy about it the most?
  15. I certainly believe it can be one of the ways we can heal from depression, anxiety, even day to day stress. We focus on something else, provided it’s not a stressful game. We also can learn how to be social when we play against others.



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