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  1. Have a save pride month, everyone, and please, please stay safe!  Love and understanding!

  2. First of all, great idea to have a month of activities, it's important to learn and understand as much as possible about the LGBTQ+ community. As far as which colour I identify with the most, I'd say blue, serenity. Not within my own self, but something I strive for.
  3. I have Amazon Prime and Netflix still, but my streaming is almost exclusively done via Plex, because I digitized my dvd and blu ray collections and, almost 700 movies and quite a few tv shows later, I have a library that keeps me entertained. I always look for new DVDs and Blu Rays to pick up on the cheap while I'm out or roaming around online, and I'll get those, scan them in and then flip them. Not for a profit, per se, but just so I don't end up with a huge DVD collection again. Plex is so worthwhile!
  4. My name is the shortened version of a website I used to run about 16 years (PlatinumGeneration -> PGen), the 98 stems from when I was a kid and had just moved to the US, I started to watch hockey a lot, and because I was a kid and knew nothing, I gravitated towards the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, because of the films. They had two players, Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne, who were just absolutely amazing hockey players, they were numbers 9 and 8, respectively, so I started using that with all of my usernames. I became a Dallas Stars fan the very next year when I learned a thing or two about hockey, but I kept the number in my names ever since.
  5. Fingers crossed! Would love to see them back there. Would love to see them back in the Prem again, but Championship would definitely be an accomplishment for them!
  6. Hey @Ravenfreak, it's good to see you here :)
  7. Prime Video, a temporary 30-day free subscription to Paramount+, and then I have converted my entire DVD/Blu Ray collection to digital and transferred those onto my Plex server, so I essentially have my own streaming platform that I can watch anywhere, any time. I keep adding as I find cheap DVDs/Blu Rays to pick up, but nothing ever leaves the platform as the library is totally under my control. No magically disappearing content :)
  8. Well, yeah, still doing better than Bolton, though :D
  9. Ouch, yeah, the Brummies have definitely had their ups and downs these past few years!
  10. Yeah, same here with the unresolved issues. I have therapists, but not everything can be talked away. It's hard to want children when you fear what you might put them through.
  11. As someone with persistent depressive disorder, and therefore very familiar with depression and suicidal thoughts and ideation, no, I'm not afraid of death or dying, just certain means of dying. I'd like to go quickly, if I can, rather than a slow and painful death, but ultimately, if I go, I go.
  12. I own it and play it occasionally, but I'm definitely not skilled at it and don't play it too frequently, sadly.
  13. This is the primary reason I don't want to watch this year, but as a Brit I feel obligated to follow England on their journey to crash out again :D. I love watching the big tournaments, I follow my hometown Bolton Wanderers in their perilous journeys yearly, as well, so I probably will still watch, but it's such a shame they didn't relocate away from Qatar. As for why it's called Soccer, we unfortunately have Britain to thank for that terrible word. Because football used to refer to two different sports, what we now know as football and rugby, football was called Association Football and ruby was Rugby Football. Rugby was shortened to rugby and so football became the dominant name for the sport we know and love it as today; however, while the two were still called by their full names, soccer became common shorthand for Association (or soc), and that spread to countries that adopted their own forms of football, as well. American football shortened to football, and so they call the proper one soccer, Aussie rules is known as footy in Australia, so proper football is known as soccer there (and their national team go by the Socceroos). Brits grew to hate the name Soccer almost as quickly as they adopted it, and it fell out of fashion extremely quickly, but it lingers on in countries that have alternative forms of football that are more dominant than proper football.
  14. Former computer programmer, currently a full time caregiver to my mother who has dementia.
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