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  1. It's all about Raspberry for me, love that flavour! Though i don't have many ice lollies tbh
  2. Last night i had a really good sleep, hopefully the same when i fall asleep in a few minutes!
  3. That's very interesting, why do you not believe in phones?
  4. I mean i earn money to spend it really, no point otherwise. Obviously you need to be careful but I do like treating myself at times.
  5. elseb


    I've read a few down the years, one of my favourites was one called Rosario Vampire, i just thought it was quite interesting! I'm not a massive fan of Manga in general though, it's hit and miss.
  6. Yeah definitely this, I could sit and watch water all day long, whether it be a calm lake or a stormy sea. There's something mesmerizing about it.
  7. elseb

    Ask Maul

    Favourite Platform game ever? 😄
  8. Yeah we recycle all of our cardboard, plastic, tins and glass. They get taken away every fortnight, it's very important.
  9. It was an OK nights sleep, not great though! It'll do haha
  10. Vaping can be even more annoying as you're caught up in somebody else's smelling smoke. Does my head in!
  11. I'm absolutely a night owl, it's very seldom that I go to bed early, I've always preferred the night time over the day!
  12. elseb

    Ask Maul

    What's your favourite Cartoon?
  13. It's been cloudy with a bit of rain over the last few days, it's not been too bad. I'm not looking forward to summer,I really don't like the heat.
  14. It's finally here!! I'm going to do absolutely nothing, can't wait for a rest. 😄
  15. Nowadays we don't ban books, we just edit them and turn them into completely different things to what they originally were... 😆



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