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  1. I prefer to text rather than talking on the phone. I have bad phone anxiety, so making appointments to see a doctor is nerve wracking for me. All my friends usually just message me or text me, the only person I call is my mother since she prefers to call. I don't mind talking to her on the phone though. She's not good at texting, and neither is my father so it's easier for them to have my sister and I call them.
  2. I prefer to eat out rather than eat at home. I'm not the best cooker, plus I don't usually have a lot of time to make a meal. Eating tv dinners can get old after a while, and I live in a area where there's lots of different places to eat. For fast food my favorite place to go is Burger King, but restaurant wise I like getting a local place called JJ's.
  3. My all time favorite has to be Soul Calibur 2. I played this almost every day after school when I was 15 years old on my Gamecube. I just recently got the Xbox 360 version and have been playing it on my Xbox One. My favorite character to play as is Yoshimitsu, as well as Ivy. Out of the exclusive fighters Link is my favorite, Spawn is pretty good too.
  4. I slept okay last night, thankfully it's the weekend so I got to sleep in. I kept waking up around 5 something and couldn't get comfortable. So I got up, fed my cat Gizmo, went to the bathroom and was able to fall back to sleep. Hopefully I sleep a bit better tonight.
  5. I only use subtitles on foreign movies. I used to have the captions on all the time regardless of if the movie or show was in English or not.
  6. I currently only have a debit card, however I have been thinking about getting a credit card and using it to pay for gas. I figured it would help continue building my credit, though I would need to make sure to pay off the bill of course.
  7. I used to enjoy playing video games at night as a kid. I remember staying up super late during the summertime and playing my PlayStation. Thankfully I never got caught staying up all night. xD Now I don’t really have a preferred time, I just play them whenever I get the chance.
  8. I haven't used an Android in years but my favorite brand has always been Samsung. Their Galaxy line of phones are top notch, but I've also heard that Xaiomi makes good phones and same with Huawei. I've never used one of those brands before though, so I can't personally vouch for them.
  9. It's none of my business what others do with their bodies, likewise it's none of anyone else's business what I choose to wear or do with mine as well. If a man wants to wear makeup, that's absolutely fine. Also it doesn't make a man "gay", wearing stuff doesn't make you gay. You're either born gay or not, of course there probably are more gay men who wear makeup than straight though. Likewise pretty much every single married man wears a ring to show that they are indeed married, and that's jewelry. That's the only jewelry I wear, I've got a green and black wedding band.
  10. I guess I'm old school but my personal favorite streaming platform will always be Youtube. None of the popular streaming platforms are going to have my favorite video game soundtracks, plus you can find extensions of songs on Youtube that you again wouldn't be able to find on other platforms. Plus since it's been around for almost two decades now, many awesome remixes of tracks have been uploaded to Youtube, and may not be on Soundcloud.
  11. It's definitely golf for me. I don't mind playing putt-putt golf and haven't done so in a long time, but watching golf on television is absolutely boring. I also don't like baseball, again it's fun to play but it's super boring to watch on television and too hot to enjoy watching at the stadium. When I was a kid, we had a local baseball team that played for the minor league, and my grandma would get tickets for us to watch their games sometimes but every time I went it was so boring and hot. xD
  12. Ravenfreak

    ROM Hacking

    My all time favorite hobby of mine is rom hacking. I especially enjoy modifying the old school 8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog games. I have made a few split disassemblies, one of Sonic 1 on the SMS and Game Gear, and one of Sonic Chaos on the SMS. Split disassemblies allow you to look at the game's code, data, etc and see what makes it tick. From there, you can modify the existing code to create a new game upon an already existing one. I've been doing this for over a decade now. I haven't really come close to being done with any of the disassemblies, but I have posted the Sonic 1 GG disassembly on my Github account. This will allow others to dive in and help contribute to the project.
  13. I used to listen to music while playing video games at my best friend's house when I was a kid. We would mute the tv and jam out to Blink 182, and other artists. Now days I don't often listen to music while playing a game, unless it's a RPG and I need to grind to continue then I'll put the game on mute and listen to music.
  14. I think electric cars are a good concept, and I believe there's going to be more and more people driving them in the near future. I am interested in one day owning a Chevy Volt, not only are they electric but they're awesome looking too IMO. There aren't many charging stations around my area yet, but it would definitely help you save money if you could switch to driving one.
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