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  1. I agree. I don't like when people brag about the same thing over and over which I would consider arrogance. I don't like when people think there better then other people.
  2. I have been sleeping awful. Been super tired every day because I have not been not really able to sleep.
  3. Same I use youtube. I use a youtube to mp3 converter for music. I don't use anything else.
  4. "Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." - Arthur C. Clarke I definitely think there is life out there but there could also could not be life. What kind of life though? What kind of advanced society would be found? Would extraterrestrial civilizations be far more developed on our own. What is the level of technology? I could definitely think intelligent life could not be common. What about life form? Maybe a life form is common that has not been studied. Unicellular life could be common in the cosmos? Will alien species be found in our lifetime? Other civilizations could be so far away that we will never be able to detect them because of the huge expanses of space. Civilizations could have yet to emerge or have died out from various causes. We could have missed an extrarestial civilization by a few thousand years. A myriad civilizations may have arisen that we will never, ever be aware of. I also think we should be looking in the past if a civilization exited before. I love the silurian hypothesis. What signs might an industrial civilization have left behind if it had been on Earth millions of years before our time? Could we still find such signs today? I also like the drake equation. It's to calculate the number (N) of sophisticated alien civilizations that are equipped with the capability to communicate their presence. R - The average rate of star creation in our galaxy. FP - The percentage of stars with planets is known. ne - is the percentage of planets that orbit their parent stars. Known as the "Goldilocks zone," which has the potential to sustain life and liquid water on the surface. FL is the percentage of planets that have the potential to support life and do so at some time. FI - The percentage of planets where life may develop into an intelligent race capable of establishing civilizations. FC - The percentage of civilizations with technology that sends out measurable signals into space is known as L -The time period over which alien civilizations send out detectable signals into space. ..
  5. It is like a suana outside. Way too hot.
  6. I took a sign language class. The instructor was deaf and for an assignment we had to be deaf for a day. I turned on subtitles for the first time watching a show and have never looked back. I always have the subtitles on. I agree with your statement. You get a lot more out of the show or movie and it always make you focus.
  7. I dislike cooking but cook so I can eat. Eating out is expensive. I limit myself eating out because of the expense but there are some amazing places around here to eat. Its definitely a treat when I do get food though.
  8. Welcome, Mitch! I am glad you joined us. If you need help with anything, be sure to message a staff member and we will be more than happy to assist you.
  9. Altair

    Meet Tee!

    Welcome, &Tee! I am glad you joined us. If you need help with anything, be sure to message a staff member and we will be more than happy to assist you.
  10. Been meaning to watch Doctor Who. I would not even know what series to start with though. -- Currently watching Red Dwarf and The Orville.
  11. We had a mishap with the forum. Everything was fixed, but the images are broken. Bear with us while we figure out the problem and fix the images.
  12. Happy Pride Month everyone. Some interesting articles. Was there Non binary vikings? Spock Taught Me to Accept Myself as a Transgender Man
  13. Happy Pride Month! The month of June is dedicated to hearing LGBTQ stories and experiences, celebrating LGBTQ culture and fighting for LGBTQ rights. Everything you wanted to know about pride month here! To celebrate 🎉 activities will be posted throughout June to celebrate. For participating in each activity you will get ten tokens. The meaning of the pride flag: First activity: Which pride flag color do you identify with the most. Second activity - what is this pride flag? The LGBTQ+ community recognizes 50+ flags, each representing a distinct gender identity or sexual orientation. Figure out these two flag by the description given. First flag: This flag was first designed in 2014 by Salem X. It contains seven horizontal stripes of equal width. This flag has four different colors. The absence of gender is symbolized by the stripes of black and white. Semiless genders are symbolized by the stripe of Gray. Nonbinary genders are symbolized by the stripe of green. What is this flag? Second flag: This flag created In 2012, JJ Poole (they/them) in order to fight for those who do not fit into heteronormative society. The flag contains five horizontal stripes and five colors in order to represent all genders. The following are the associated hues: Pink is a symbol of femininity. Purple is a symbol of both feminity and manliness. Black is a symbol for lack of gender. White is a symbol for all genders. White is a symbol for masculinity. Third flag: This flag was first designed in 1998 by Michael Page There are three colors on this flag. The following is what they all entail: Pink is a symbol of same-sex attraction. Blue is a symbol of a desire for sex with the opposite sex. Purple is a symbol of a person's affinity to both genders. Third activity - Some trivia! Fill in the blanks: The first country to allow same-sex marriage was the _____? 150 homosexual male couples formed the ___________, an elite regiment of the Theban army. ____ a homosexual US politician was instrumental in defeating Proposition 6, which would've made it illegal for members of the LGBT community to teach in schools? Fourth activity - LGBTQ movies & books! Write about your favorite lgbtq movie and/or book. Recommend some to your fellow members. Fifth activity - Unscramble the words! CNGOMI OTU YALL ERNGDE DTIYTIEN LSUDEMAXIE LIXSBUAE
  14. Congrats to last week winner: @MisterBobbyPin About: Every week an image is posted where you have to decider what the image is! When you have figured it out message me the answer so you don't spoil it for anyone else. What are the prizes? A badge and SH tokens to be won for first, second and third place. This weeks category: Travel to the stars. I need a hint: Do you need a hint or a clue? You can buy a hint or a clue in the members shop.
  15. Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression. The change of seasons is what sets off Seasonal affective disorder and usually starts in late fall. -- Anyone have it?
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