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  1. Locking this thread due to its repetitive nature. We appreciate sharing things but we do ask that it is posted less frequently.
  2. Fiction, it's just more imaginative. Realistic Fiction can only go so far, a problem that Fiction doesn't have.
  3. Watching a show called Alias. It's about a women named Sydney spying on a terrorist organization called SD-6.
  4. Man I can't believe this! I thought it looked very cubicle so I randomly guessed typewriter.
  5. Mine is Disney Plus, mainly because my favorite shows are on there. I'm a huge Star Wars and Marvel guy so the service is great for me.
  6. I have it, it has lead to me nearing failing school multiple times and has given me a lot of stress.
  7. ADHD is basicually being hyperactive and getting distracted all the time. Remember Dug from UP, when he randomly goes SQURRIEL, yeah that's ADHD. So anyone else have it?
  8. I play it once and a while. Got burnt out on it so I'm just waiting for the wild update.
  9. Basically I just walk a dog and moderate forums. I'm luckily to be in High School, or I'd be screwed.
  10. What inspired you to create this forum?
  11. Thanks, I hope to enjoy this place!
  12. I'm more of a Xbox guy personally. Although I'm using my Switch often now.
  13. Well I read To Kill A Mockingbird, which has been challenged. I've also read Lord Of The Rings, Animal Farm, Harry Potter, and 1984.
  14. Hello there, my name is Pin. I'm glad to be here! I'm a fellow forum worm who loves exploring other people's forums!



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