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  1. I game on PC as well as mobile device. I play Valorant, Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite on PC, whereas I play PUBG, Final Fantasy, etc. on mobile devices. Between PC gaming and mobile gaming, which one is your favorite? If I have to choose one, I will choose PC gaming.
  2. Do you read online literature magazine? I once registered a domain with an aim to start a online literary magazine but my dream never materialized. I have some friends who have started literary magazine and I frequently visit the magazine to read stories, essays, and poems.
  3. Even though cricket is played in every continent, it is not very popular compared to football. Football is played globally and probably the most popular sports. Between these two, which is your favorite sports? As far as I ma concerned, I like both but given a choice, I will choose football. PS: When I say football I mean soccer.
  4. In my reading and understanding, every culture seem to have some kind of mythical creatures. What kind of creatures are common in your culture? In our culture we have Yama, the Lord of Death, Rakhsha, the man eating demons, Pishacha, the creatures of darkness, etc.
  5. Spring is my season, I was born in spring. Love spring, the season of rejuvenation. I am planning to go to white water rafting and trekking in the Himalayas.
  6. I do a lot of things, from content development to blogging, website designing, selling digital products and services, etc. I make money manly through freelancing, and my websites are by secondary source of income
  7. If you can find the right person, marriage is a wonderful thing to happen in your life and kids bring joy (even though there is a pressure of parenting).
  8. I don't have PSTD. However, my spouse battled with PSTD for a long time when she lost her first pregnancy. The condition vanished after we had out first child.
  9. I am not afraid of death because I believe daeth is a new beginning. I have been brought up in a culture where we are told death is the end of body and not the end of the soul.
  10. There are many resources available online if you want to learn coding and do not want to spend a dime. Alison is a free learning platform. You do not have to spend money to learn anything you want.
  11. I am happily married now, but 6 years ago if anyone had asked me I would say happily single and would never marry.
  12. Yes, these days it is easier to become a vegetarian. You can even get vegetarian meat!
  13. Was it difficult being a vegetarian or was it difficult to maintain the ideal body weight? I gave up vegetarianism because limited foods were available.
  14. Even though some people might feel that marriage is a trap, marriage is not a trap, it is a way to explore love, sex and parenting.
  15. Never heard of that brand. Have you ever tried Nepali tea? Nepal ranks 21in global tea production and has some distinct flavors.
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