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  1. Alfalfa is a part of the legume family, but it has a history of being used as a medicinal herb. The first time I saw alfalfa sprouts was on a salad my boss was having for lunch. A group of us in the office had gone out for lunch and my boss was watching his diet. So he had a salad loaded with alfalfa sprouts. Alfalfa sprouts are edible, have a lot of health benefits, and can be eaten cooked or raw. However, the US Food & Drug Administration issued a WARNING. FDA Warning: Alfalfa seeds might have bacteria and that bacteria will multiply when the seeds sprout. “Folks with weaker immune systems like older adults, infants, young children, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid raw sprouts.” Or slightly-cooked sprouts. Some people like their veggies half-cooked. But according to the FDA, it's best to eat “thoroughly-cooked sprouts”. Raw Sprouts: Good or Bad? | Food Network Healthy Eats: Recipes, Ideas, and Food News | Food Network Do you eat alfalfa sprouts?
  2. My daughters love to make playlists on YouTube. They like music from video games. I have never created a playlist, but if I did I would pick out a few love songs. The world is full of love songs. Right? So there are a lot of songs to choose from and narrowing it down to a list of 5 or more is not that easy. Nevertheless, I chose 5 music videos that would definitely make the list. (1) “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” ~ Janet Jackson (https://youtu.be/63zEDkg351c) (2) “Stand by Me” was first made famous by African-American entertainment Ben E. King (https://youtu.be/dTd2ylacYNU) AND also this same song performed by Shahrukh Khan in the Bollywood movie “Ra One”. I like it even though he's not even singing in English. It still sounds good! LOL. (https://youtu.be/oyVMV-oSgJQ). (3) “I Will Always Love You” (https://youtu.be/3JWTaaS7LdU) from the soundtrack to the movie “The Bodyguard”. (4) “I am Nothing” (https://youtu.be/FxYw0XPEoKE) also from the soundtrack for “The BodyGuard” (5) “I Believe in You and Me” (https://youtu.be/FQGt6VNm_iQ) from the soundtrack to the movie “The Preacher's Wife”. No surprise that 3 of the songs on my list were sung by the late Whitney Houston (1963 - 2012). Let's face it! Ms. Houston had a voice like no other. When it came to her vocals and vocal range, she was in a class all by herself. Do you have any love songs that you really like? Do you make playlists? What songs do you pick?
  3. I had a roommate at university back in the 70s who was an opera major. Because of her I developed an appreciation for opera music. But I still love it when singers known for their operatic voices cross over into the pop music genre and perform hit songs. Andrea Bocelli is an award-winning tenor. His singing voice has been described as “The World's Most Romantic Voice” and as “The World's Most Beloved Tenor”. Both descriptions are accurate. His blend of opera and pop is unique. Bocelli performs wonderfully singing solo. However, his collaborations with artists are also very impressive. In fact, his collaboration with Italian pop star Zucchero Fornaciari to sing “Miserere,” is what he put him on the music map. That song was intended to be sung by another renowned tenor, Luciano Pavarotti. Even Pavarotti was impressed with this unknown tenor's voice. Check out this performance: Zucchero, Pavarotti AND Bocelli, Miserere (Rare version). Bocelli also collaborates with artists that you would probably never pair him with. For example, Mary J. Blige is an American singer and people call her the "Queen of Hip-Hop Soul". I would have never thought that Andrea Bocelli would have collaborated with Mary J. Blige. But he did and the end result was magical! They got together and performed a duet for his Christmas album: What Child is This. He has also collaborated with Christina Aguilera and Stevie Wonder. Andrea Bocelli was born September 22, 1958, in Lajatico, near Pisa, Italy. He lost his sight at age 12, but his lack of sight did not deter him. He attended university and studied law. He practiced law and after working as a state-appointed attorney, he made a major career change and decided to get into music. The entertainment world is very glad he did!
  4. What is better than a great artist? A great artist who collaborates with other great artists. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner aka “Sting” is great artist. I loved his music when he was the lead singer for the rock group Police and when he decided to embark on his solo career. One of the cool things about when he went solo was his collaboration with other awesome artists. These two videos are the result of artist collaboration and they are among my favorite music videos by Sting. “They Dance Alone” (Cueca Solo) (1987) Sting collaborated with Rubén Blades (full name Rubén Blades Bellido de Luna). Mr. Blades is from Panama and he is a celebrity in his own right. Although he did provide additional background vocals, it’s his speaking voice that added the additional solemnity and soberness to this song to make it hauntingly beautiful and moving. “Desert Rose” (1999) Sting collaborated with Cheb Mami. Do you like sensual exotic things? Everything in this video is sensual and exotic. The music, the scenery, and especially the vocals of the vocals of Khélifati Mohamed, known professionally as Cheb Mami. He is an Algerian singer-songwriter and musician. According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, he was “a major force in the introduction of raï music to Western audiences at the turn of the 21st century”. Rai is “a type of progressive popular music that blends local Algerian traditions with various international popular genres, such as rock, jazz, and flamenco”. Even though these songs were before Y2K, both music videos are timeless.
  5. Everybody wants to live a long and healthy life. According to Dr. Mao, a board-certified anti-aging expert, there are 3 spices that actually promote longevity by increasing your mental function and improving your physical vitality: ginger, evergreen, and garlic. Dr. Mao says these three spices can help you live longer and he stakes his reputation on this. In fact, in an interview with Epicurious, he expanded the list to 10 spices. “If I had to choose ten longevity spices that you should keep in your kitchen, they would include basil, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cloves, curry, garlic, ginger, red chili flakes, rosemary, and turmeric.” (Quote Source) Live longer? Perhaps. But for sure, they can make you live a healthier life.
  6. If you have ever prepared a dish and the recipe required star anise, but you left it out, you and whoever else is eating the food would immediately know that “something is missing”. Star anise has such a unique flavor. It is hard for me to describe but some people say that is “licorice-tasting:. I would not use that description because I don't like the taste of licorice but I do like the flavor star anise imparts to food. This spice commonly is used in Chinese, Indonesian, and South Asian cooking. It is one of the main spices in Chinese five-spice powder. In Eastern cultures it is used to flavor savory dishes and in Western cultures it is used for sweet treats. If you are NOT familiar with how to cook with this spice, here is an excellent quick study: Cooking With Star Anise: The Dos And Don'ts – SPICEography Do you like to cook with this spice?
  7. Basil is an herb I don't cook with very often. Not because I don't like it but because my late husband did not like it so it was never one of the seasoning ingredients. Most of the time whenever I ate Italian food though the dish usually had a combination of herbs and basil.was one of them. Did you know that there are 15 different types of basil? See list. But the basil that is called the “Queen of Herbs” is Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi. It is a sacred plant in Hinduism; used in Indian cuisine; and has many medicinal uses, including weight loss and detox. It has been used in Aryuvedic medicine for thousands of years. Many drink it as a tea. Here is a healthy recipe using this herb. Singhad Salad recipe
  8. If you have never read an historical romance novel, then you should begin reading books written by Jude Deveraux. She is an American Author, and several of her books have been on the The New York Times Best Seller list. Love stories are her specialty but I personally like her historical romance novels about the Montgomery men and the women they loved. The first novel is "The Velvet Promise" about Gavin and Judith Montgomery. He stood tall like a tower over her and was ruggedly handsome; and she was just a pretty tiny little thing. But she stood up to him as if she were a man twice his size. Once I read their love story, I wanted to know what the other Gavin's brothers were like. The second, third,and fourth novels are: "Highland Velvet", "Velvet Song", and "Velvet Angel". Gavin's brothers are: Stephen Montgomery, Raine Montgomery, and Miles Montgomery. These four books together are called The Velvet Montgomery Annals Quadrilogy. The setting is 15th- and 16th-century England. The primary theme of every book is the age-old truth: “Love conquers all.” Corny theme, but the pages are loaded with burning passion! LOL.
  9. Dr. Wayne Dyer is a noted self-help guru and he has authored numerous books. Some people read them. Some people have heard his lectures and decided not to read his books.. I have only read one book by Dr. Dyer. It was a book recommended by one of my daughter's elementary school teachers. The title of the book is “Unstoppable Me!: 10 Ways to Soar Through Life”. Even though it is written for children, adults could learn a lesson from it as well. The aim of the book is to empower children by teaching them to know who they are and to love who they are. In short, it helps them build their self-esteem. It is written as a poem, and the rhyming makes easier to remember the "10 ways" to become unstoppable.
  10. I used to live a 5-minute walk to our local library. It was the best place to go for free fun! They had computers with Internet access, a great section for children, awesome movies and music, and of course, lots of wonderful books! It's been years since I have able to go to a library. Where I live now the location of the public library is inconvenient. My kids never used to pay attention to anything I checked out from the library, but one time I checked out books about the legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee. Those books got passed around and around and around. I can't remember the names of all of the books but one of them was titled: “The Warrior Within: The Philosophies of Bruce Lee”; written by John Little with a Foreword presented by Linda Lee Cadwell. (Ms.Cadwell was the widow of Bruce Lee. She remarried.) It's not a biography. It is a collection of his philosophical writings found in his personal library; hence you get to look into his mind and thoughts. If you are a Bruce Lee admirer or fan, you will really enjoy this book. My kids sure did!
  11. This is a book that I have had in my personal home library for close to 40 years. It's an excellent book for both reading and for research and reference; especially if you are interested in the history of ancient Rome. “Rome and Her Empire” by Cunliffe, Barry W.; Edited by David Baker, McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1978. Barry Cunliffe or rather Sir Barrington Windsor Cunliffe, CBE, FBA, FSA, is a British archaeologist and academic. He specializes in writing comprehensive books about ancient civilizations. I have always been fascinated with the history of ancient Rome. As a freelance article writer I have used this book as a reference for some of the articles that I have published. In fact, I referred to this book to research and learn about the real history of Marcus Aurelius. That movie “Gladiator” (2000) which starred Russell Crowe, was more fiction than fact. The most important FACT that the movie distorted was that Marcus Aurelius did nominate his own son, Commodus, to succeed him. In the movie Aurelius handed that job over to the Roman General, Maximus (played by Russell Crowe), claiming that his own son was not fit to be a ruler of the people. However, according to real historical records, it turns out Commodus was indeed a lousy ruler!
  12. I started cooking and baking when I was about 12 years old. I wanted the experience of knowing how bake a cake from scratch. But I loved the convenience of using a cake mix. When I watch cooking shows on television, I don't think I've ever seen a chef use a cake mix. But guess what? No matter what anybody else says, cake mixes taste just as good as a cake made from scratch. Just use these hacks. 8 Tricks That Make Boxed Cake Mix Taste Like Homemade « Food Hacks :: WonderHowTo Guess what else. You can us box cake mixes to make cookies! 12 Best Cake Mix Cookie Recipes - How to Make Cookies Out of Cake Mix (I like the lemon cookies. YUM!)
  13. These days it seems like everybody is into low-carb foods. It's not so hard to switch your diet from high carbs to low carbs. They are lots of food swaps and the food taste just as good with low-carb substitute. Practically everybody is swapping potatoes, rice, and pasta with cauliflower. But what are some other swaps? Check out this Low-Carb Cheat Sheet. What I really like is the recommendation to swap low-carb cheesecake for ice-cream. Eat cheesecake instead of ice-cream??? I'm OK with that! LOL. * * * Low Carb Cheesecake Recipe
  14. Several years ago a friend of mine who ran a small restaurant told me that one of her hottest selling lunch specials was a meatless burger. Her customers would order those soy burgers and she often ran out of them. They weren't enough burgers to meet the demand. A meatless burger?? I thought to myself: 'She must be joking with me. There's no way people would prefer a veggies burger over a real hamburger.' Fast forward about 15 years later and not only did I find myself eating meatless burgers or veggie burgers but I also had a choice between a store-bought readymade branch OR making my own. For me, making my own meatless burger to was too tedious so I just bought a brand that I liked. Some of my kids decided to try to make their own. To my shock and amazement McDonald's offers a veggie burger. It's called the McPlant. If you eat meatless burgers, do you make your own? * * * The 11 Best Veggie Burger Recipes | The Spruce Eats
  15. I am not a fan of the horror genre. But I do like Korean historical period dramas. That's why when I first came across this TV series titled “The Scholar Who Walks the Night” which was about vampires during the Joseon Dynasty, I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch it. First of all, my background is Christian and all the vampires I ever seen were weakened or even killed by a crucifix. So I'm thinking … how are they going to kill vampires in Korea??? Surely they won't use a cross. Nevertheless, I decided to watch the show because the main actor is Lee Joon-gi and I'm a fan. There is a good vampire and a bad vampire. Lee Joon-gi plays the “good vampire”. He was close friends with the crown prince. The crown prince was fully aware that there was a vampire who was attacking people in the palace and he wanted to get rid of that vampire. Scholar Kim Sung-yeol (played by Lee Joon-gi) had no idea he was going to become a vampire. What happened was that the crown prince knew another good vampire who was trying to help him get rid of the bad vampire. He told his friend, the scholar, what his plans were and introduced him to the good vampire. Long story short. He was taken by surprise when the good vampire bit him! The good vampire told him that it was the only way for him to save the kingdom from that menacing wicked vampire. Lee Soo-hyuk plays Gwi, the bloodthirsty evil vampire who wants to rule over all the humans. Oh! What did they use instead of a crucifix? Something called Chinese hawthorn. It was 20 episodes and to my surprise, I really enjoyed it!
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