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  1. I'm active in lots of social communities and in one of those groups, a friend introduced me to quilling. It's a very popular decorative craftwork. Quilling is an art form that involves using strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The history of quilling (it is believed) started in the 1700s in religious institutions. Much of the artwork in churches was made using metal. However, in much poorer areas, since metal was so expensive, people began to use paper instead.. I think it's a fun art project to do with kids and a very relaxing project for an adult. Learn more: Shehan, R. (2019, October 18). Improve your crafting abilities with paper quilling. The Spruce Crafts. Retrieved February 2, 2022, from thesprucecrafts.com/the-art-of-paper-quilling-4046023
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