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Do you play soccer?


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Growing up soccer was a really popular sport in the neighborhood and as kids we were always playing the sport, as I became older my passion for soccer grew and even though I didn't get to play professionally I still find time to engage in the sport.

Soccer is a really interesting sport and also a very enjoyable sport to watch , every weekend me and a group of friends always go to the pitch to play some soccer and it is even more interesting when the girls are around to act as our cheerleaders.

Do you also play soccer or have you been opportuned to play in a professional league?

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Yup, Football is easily the biggest sport in the UK and not the world actually. Bit odd it's not so popular in the US though.

I have played for years and played for a couple of professional clubs as a teenager, just didn't make it in the end unfortunately. Still play regularly though I'm currently injured with a ruptured achillies.

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