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Ladies and Gentlemen, how do you handle Rejection personally?


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As a sex-repulsed aro-ace, I've had my fair share of men and women to reject because I'm just not into sex, dating and/or relationships. Some of them have tried to convince otherwise, by telling me that it's a "basic necessity of life" which I strongly disagree with. Some others have said to me that they were very rich, as if I were a gold-digger, after their money only. A few others have tried to tell me "you don't know what you're missing", which I don't really care about. Lastly, some of them have been irl and online sexually harassing me or stalking, whom I've reported to the internet police and real police to have a restraining order against the. But all that to say, that people (men and women) don't take kindly to rejection at all, they have a pretty big ego, thinking that everyone should fall in love with them. How about you? Ladies and gentlemen, how do you feel about rejection (romantic ones only) according to you?

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