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2nd Hand Smoke?


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I personally hate 2nd hand smoke, either from pot, e-cigs, or normal cigarettes. On one fine afternoon, whilst strolling on the private lane outside my home, I've seen my neighbour vape  or smoke pot or normal cigarettes (which is illegal in my residential block). in front of my own eyes. Also I hate homeless person or random strangers on the street asking me for cigarettes (e or normal) and/or drugs. The breath of a smoker (both cigarettes and drugs) is really horrible, hence why, as a sex-phobic and sex-repulsed aro-ace, I can't imagine what the smell and taste is like to kiss a pot or cigarette (both or e) smoker TBH. What about you? Would you kiss a smoker personally? How do you feel about 2nd hand smoke personally?

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