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Imported Chocolate


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I noticed some older topics about chocolate, but there wasn't really a focus on chocolates outside of the US. So I thought I'd mention my two favorite types of chocolate, and share a little bit of information about where they come from.

Meiji Milk Chocolate - This one is by far my favorite, because it just melts in your mouth and manages to be sweet without being too sweet. It's creamy and not "waxy" like most american chocolates, including the ones that claim to be creamy.

Japan - Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.
Established in 1917 (Food Business)
First started producing chocolate in 1926

What's interesting about Meiji, is that it was first established in 1916 (Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.Agricultural Chemicals & Veterinary Drugs.

Schogetten Alpine Milk Chocolate - This is my second favorite. It's slightly less creamy than Meiji, but it still isn't "waxy". This one is much sweeter than Meiji, however, which in my opinion is a little too sweet.

Germany - Ludwig Schokolade GmbH & Co.
Established in 1962
First started producing chocolate in 1962

Ludwig Schokolade was first established in 1986, it's first brand being established in 1857 (Trumpf Schokolade) by Leonard Monheim who sold Health Chocolate bars in his pharmacy. It now manufactures chocolates for the brands: Trumpf, Mauxion, Schogetten, Edle Tropfen, and Fritt. With Fritt seeming to be a partner.

Anyone else who's had chocolate outside of the US? Where was it manufactured and what did you think of it?


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Yeah, I would have to say after a friend shared Ludwig Schokolade with me for the first time, American chocolate has never tasted the same. Not that I turn my nose up at it, chocolate is chocolate. XD
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